Shampoo and Haircuts

Along my travels I had collected an emergency deposit of sample shampoo. They are about one squirt of shampoo in a little foil packet. Well today I needed to use one and to my dismay when puring it into my hand, it was black! I had to have a close look at this as I was just about to put this goo in my hair. Besides the fact that I can’t read anything written on the packet it is a Sunsilk product so I throw caution to the wind and give it a try…

It lathers beautifully and smells really good and I have come to the conclusion that this is a product designed specifically for the Asian population. I am assuming that it contains some sort of dye or colourant that makes their hair shiny. I have never seen an asian person with bad hair. The men have short hair (mostly unless you are a hip teen where shoulder length is fashionable) stylish and most of the women have very long hair. This stems back to an old tradition that long hair wards off evil spirits. Blue Dragon has a hair dressers apprentice come in once a month to cut whoevers hair wants cutting for free. It gives them a chance to practice and the kids (and staff) get a free hair cut.

This does however lead me into the supermarket to purchase a decent sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The supermarket is a cross between and Woolworths and a Big W and nothing is any particualr order. You can buy choclate next to the baby wipes, go figure. I do find the hair section though. Again, I cannot read anything so I pick Sunsilk which is one of the only brands I recognise and I get two different shaped bottles of the same colour. I am assuming it is very much like home where the tall one is the shampoo and the tube is the conditioner? I will let you know if my hair falls out! :)

2 thoughts on “Shampoo and Haircuts

  1. Hahahahah I find the hair blog entry quite amusing!
    I have to catch up on your blogs as have missed reading a few
    But it sounds like your having a ball!
    Be safe and have lots of fun!

  2. You know it wouldn’t surprise me if shampoo is actually black but they colour it for
    us so that it is aesthetically pleasing. At least you have clean hair and a place to
    lay your pretty little head.

    We love and miss you, Bretti must be going spare…take care.

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