Khao San Road

Bangkok: Arriving back in Bangkok and after the last rip off fest by most cabbies I am not looking forward to really being here. Although I am staying in a different place with different people and I have some different things on the itinerary – I am open. We arrive in the synonymous back packer area of Bangkok, a street running parallel to the infamous Khao San Road. In the day time KS is like any other street; vendors on the kurbside, traffic and lots of tourists. We walk with a local guide to the riverside and have a tour of the canals before disembarking at the dock near the reclining buddha. Wat Pho is one of four large reclinging Buddha’s in Thailand; it stretches out in its hall for over 50m and is gold. On the soles of his feet are etched symbols of life in paua shell and along one side are 180 pots where you deposit non-denominational coins for good luck. Each pot means something different so you can either put one coin in each pot or select certain pots for more coins for more luck. I choose the 180 option not knowing what thry mean, hope this has me covered.

After our tour of the complex we all decide to head to the MBK – a mega shopping mall set across seven floors and air coniditioned. I head out after a visit to the food court with one of the other ladies and we only get through three floors before our time is up and we must head home. I do however get that handbag I have been after and revel in my purchase. We go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner – our final night out together.

Dinner is at a nice restaurant overlooking the river so I take the opportunity to have a Pina Colada and try a lychee breezer – good choices. After dinner we head to Khao San Road. KS has been transformed into a crazy strip of street bars, hawkers, stalls and hundreds of tourists and locals. It is amazingly busy so we stop off for our first bucket on the sidewalk. A bucket is the equivalent of six standard drinks in, as it states, a bucket (a spade and bucket kind of bucket). I decide to share one with a friend and we have a Sansom – which is Thai whiskey, red bull and coca cola. Packed with ice it is actually pretty good. The night speeds up after this with another bar and our final resting spot at a local pub that is playing live music; but not before we sample some of the local tucker of meal worms and crickets. We dance, play pool and drink some more. The atmosphere here is fantastic and is my kind of place. I do however decide it is time to turn in, afterall I do turn into a pumpkin after midnight, and after having an awesome night think it is best to end on a high. So I walk the busy street (one block) back to my hotel room and crash at midnight. I am sure the many pictures will not do it justice. It has been an great day but I am so sleeping in tomorrow!