Khumjung to Namche

17.11.09 – It is a slow start today as we only have a two hour walk back to Namche but we wake to see that it has snowed overnight and everything is covered in two inches of white. On the way through the fog (after a countless stair climb in the snow which isĀ  killing me as I have developed the Khumbu cough – very common) we come across a Swiss man and two Nepalese fixing a broken aeroplane that has had its wings ripped apart during take off as the pilot ran into the trees (no one was injured). He has one month to fix it but the weather is not helping. He has had the army come in to assist in removing the wings and now under his little tent with a generator is stripping the wing to remould the inside steel with pop-rivets. It’s a weird sight in the middle of no and where.

We finally reach Namche and are staying in the same lodge when Brett was ill. And our same room. It feels just like home. I am not feeling the best and am freezing so I curl up in the sleeping bags and blankets and snooze for two hours while Brett finds the cyber cafe. When he comes back we have been invited to have tea with Tandi (another Sherpa and brother of our trip organiser). My new favourite drink is apple tea, one sugar. The lodge he is staying in is huge and full of foreigners. At our lodge, we are again the only guests but I kind of like it this way.

We wander around the markets on our way back up to our home and buy some goodies. We make one man very happy as he has not made a sale in three days because he went to see the Lama. I guess pirorities here are different. After dinner we sit around the wood fuelled pot-belly stove watching Aljazeerra (Intl news) – what’s the big deal with Obama?

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