Phakding to Lukla – the final leg!

All medicated up and after a terrible apple pancake we head on our final trek to our final stop back to where we started; the crazy death defying runway of doom! Lukla!

The trek is unassuming, wide and has lots of steps. My cough still exists but it has lessened by putting my neck gaitor over my mouth to breath in the warm air, and I have a little more patience today. Heading up the mountain we see over-enthusiastic tourists fresh off the aeroplane. This is obviously how we looked also on day one. Little do they know the trek to Namche Bazaar is tomorrow for them – it is waiting.

We walk through the town of Lukla, it is busy and bustling and I am sure you can buy anything here. You will never guess what we find…¬†Starbucks Coffee! Unbelievable! We arrive at our lodge enhausted, entralled, accomplished. It is a nice lodge even by Western standards at two stars and whilst it is also huge we are one of only three guests staying and all of us are flying out tomorrow back to Kathmandu.

We talk to a Singapore girl over dinner and our meals are sensational. I order a final peppered yak steak with the most amazing coleslaw ever and Brett orders a chicken sizzler – breast chicken on a molten sizzling hot plate with fries. They are fantastic. I am well impressed and sleep like a baby.

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