We spend three full days in Pokhara (the second largest city in Nepal) and are staying at a hotel on the outskirts of the tourist strip that looks like a Swiss village – it is a very weird sight in comparison to the last 17 days. They do however have hot showers and a Western toilet. As much as I don’t mind the outback dunny it is nice to sit and contemplate the world without fear of falling in or peeing on your shoes.

Pokhara is lovely. It is built around a huge lake and in the distance you can see the Annapurna Range. It is so sereal that is looks fake. The mountains sit above this weird fuzzy fog bank above the clouds that makes them look like they are suspended in air. Then you have bright green rainforest hills underneath the clouds. The photos do not do it justice whatsoever.

Whilst in Pokhara we visit three cave systems, one with a Hindu priest who gives me a blessing and rubs a tikka on my forehead (I am certain he is not a real priest and is taking the piss as he more or less smears it on). Another cave has a waterfall inside which looks very odd and stinks to high heavens, and the other with hundreds of sleeping bats. The caves are all within a short distance of each other but they may as well be worlds apart as they are all so very different. We take a long boat ride on the lake for half an hour and pass the Hindu temple on an island where people voyage across daily to pay their respects.

We visit an aquaduct running from one of the caves which sits on top of a narrow canyn. This is very odd as you just walk off the street and all of a sudden you are standing above a canyon with rushing waterfalls that run underground. We go into the Gurkha Memorial Museum across the street and I am in awe about this history. In 1815, Nepalese soldiers clashed with the British troops in the northern border of India. After a fierce battle they showed respect to those Brave ‘Goorkhas’ by erecting a stone with engravings. Soon they became close friends and the

We also take a paraglide with Kev!

Kevin is an Egyptian Vulture and is trained to take food out of your hand whilst in flight on a tandem paraglide. The company is Frontier Paragliding and I recommend it to anyone. Although I don’t cope well with the vertigo it was a great experience. You have a pouch of meat in front of you and a falconry glove on and when your pilot makes two wistles, Kev comes in, lands on your hand, eats and then dives off into the thermal for another round trip. It is amazing and very, very cool. BECOME KEV’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: Kevin Neophron Pernopterus - they are trying to get Kev 1000 friends before Christmas. He is awesome! The trainer who I flew with, Scott, has a rescue program as these birds are becoming extinct – check it out.

We have some awesome food in Pkhara and one place I recommend is Cafe Concerto. The food is FANTASTIC and some of it the best I have eaten anywhere in the world. We buy so much stuff here we need to buy another pack to bring it all home. Lucky we know how to pack well. When we weight in at the airport on the way out we each have just above 19kg. Lucky we don’t have much more shopping we want to do after this.