This page is pure infactuation with the goings-on in this fabulous part of the world in terms of hilarity, side splitting laughs and gob-smacking scenes and occurances…

  • Negotiating, bartering, haggling and bargaining in general.


  • Finding the public toilet in the department store and having the attendant hand you your allocated six squares of budget toilet paper; then after you have finished have them check your cubicle to make sure you have flushed. Too bad if you have the runs.


  • Having your leg touched multiple times by your moto driver as he encourages you to say, ‘Vi-et-nam’ and ‘ho-chi-min’. Only to return the favour by saying Toi tich Viet Nam (I like Vietnam) and continuing the rest of the trip returning friendly ok – ok’s at each other.


  • Negotiating 15000 dong for a five minute xiclo ride (bicycle with passenger cart on front) only to be delivered and your driver saying 50000 dong. Trying to scam someone who has done this more than once – not priceless, stupid.


  • Walking through Ho Chi Minh zoo (not all that bad) and being passed (forced) a carrot into your hand without a word by a lady feeding a gazelle through a fence only to be told you must pay for the privilege of feeding them for her.


  • Watching the amount of stuff one can fit onto a step-through motorbike. Such as:

-          Fourteen 20-litre barrels of fuel

-          Three children

-          Two pigs

-          A basket of chickens…

All we need now is a partridge in a pear tree.


  • Watching a fellow tourist stick out like a sore thumb in full adorned market jewelry, fake Armani everything (including white pants) and a gold Rolex. Then them wondering why they get swarmed in the market.

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