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  1. Hi Kandis,

    Wow – I’m surprised but also impressed – and I’m wishing you a great and awsome time, too.
    I’m thinking about doing something similar… but first I have to save some money to quit my job :-)

    Steffi (your former international travel mate) ;-)

  2. Kandis,

    Sorry buddy didn’t get time to see or talk to you before you left, good luck and have a great time and hope to catch up with you when you return…..Have a couple of umbrella drinks for me ……


  3. Hi Beautiful, thanks again for all of your help when you were here! Gonna miss you but it already sounds it already sounds like you are having an awesome time.

    We look forward to reading your future installments.

    Safe travels and remember to stick to the local tukker!


    The Boresch’s

  4. Hey Kand,
    Certainly sounds like the journey you have had so far is well worth the wait. With so much more still to do and what I think will be the most rewarding experience don’t miss one second. Enjoy your trip and we will see you on your return.
    We wish you a great day tomorrow especially, for your birthday “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!
    Love always
    Jules, Andrew, Kymberly and Hayden

  5. Hi Kandis,

    Just wanting to wish you a happy birthday for today. Have a cocktail or two for us.

    We are enjoying your travel updates. It sounds like you are having a ball.

    All is well here. Ten days to go till the due date so no action as yet. Will keep you posted when it arrives.

    Travel safe!!

    Travis and Shara

  6. Hi Kandis,

    We’ve been keeping up with you and your blog. It soumds like your having a bonza time.
    Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. Hope you celebrated it in fine form.
    Take care of yourself,
    Aunty Leanne, Uncle David, Harrison and Keely

  7. Your Blog is just fabulous! I am loving reading about the adventures that we are sharing from your perspective. Most importantly, I can’t wait to keep up to date with the next installments when you call this fabulous city your home.


  8. Hey Kand,

    Have fun in Malaysia and travel safely. Not doing much as it is now the holidays and I am already board :) . Miss you heaps.

    Lots of Love from your little sis

    Bree xoxo

  9. Hi Kandis,

    Just thought I would keep you updated. Geoff & I have a beautiful Baby boy. Cameron Arthur Grady was born on Saturday 13 December at 12:16pm he weighed 7 pound 9. All are happy & Healthy.

    I hope your enjoying your Trip.

    Take Care

    Sarah, Geoff & Cameron

  10. Hi Kandis I am excited that you are having some great experiences, keep up the good work with the kids I know they appreciate your input. Look forward to trying some of your cooking when you get home. Did you enjoy the crickets, can’t say I would try them myself. Keep safe

  11. He K and B. great blog on Nepal, hope you two are feeling a whole lot better after your brush with food poisoning. Tell Brett to stick to the schnitzel, he’s used to it :) See you when you get back. Cheers Glyn

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